Noah ’21

Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria

Groton activities: Varsity tennis, varsity cross country, theater, Groton Community Engagement Board, Investment Club, Admission tour guide

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: The number of mentors—as a new student, you have a faculty member as an advisor, in addition to two senior advisors and many teachers and coaches whom you can look up to and learn from.

Favorite classes: Improvisation with Laurie Sales. All seven of us in the class not only became much better improvisers but grew really close throughout the course. Spanish with Señor Conner is my other favorite. It was amazing to be taught by the man who wrote the textbook we use, and the class was entertaining and engaging, yet the standards were still high. The perfect balance of oral and written work in Señor’s class allowed me to become a much better Spanish speaker.

Most memorable Groton moment: The culmination of winter-term musical theater when we performed Legally Blonde for the first time

Favorite Dining Hall food: Clam Chowder and anything with cheese in the name (e.g., grilled cheese, cheesesteaks, mac and cheese, etc.)

Favorite place to study: The tables on the second floor of the Sackett Forum