Maddie ’23

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Groton activities: Varsity soccer and basketball

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: I did not anticipate how much fun dorm life could be, or how quickly everyone becomes a family, even if you are a day student (like me). I received so much love and support from people I had met only weeks before, and I was happily surprised by how quickly I was able to form deep connections with my formmates.

Favorite class: Third Form Biology, taught by Mr. Belksy, a fantastic and engaging teacher. I loved this course because it was the first science class where I was finally able to do real, hands-on experiments. Dissecting fetal pigs and learning pig anatomy was the highlight of winter term, and the most exciting thing I have ever done in a school room.

Most memorable Groton moment: Thinking about my first year at Groton brings back a lot of great memories, but the one that really sticks in my mind is Surprise Holiday during winter term. A few friends and I decided to take a bus to the mall and spend some quality time off campus, without having to worry about impending tests or homework. Although most of the day is a blur and I can’t recall what I ate for lunch or if I bought anything, I vividly remember every second that we spent in a cramped little karaoke booth singing old Katy Perry songs. It was an important reminder that while we go to Groton to get an excellent education, it is necessary to let loose and have fun when you get the chance.

Favorite dining hall food: Tacos