Karla ’19

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: I knew coming to Groton meant I would be going to school with international students, but that reality didn’t really hit me until three of my classmates in Second Form were from China. My world view was expanded just by living with them.

Favorite classes: Latin and Third Form biology. I loved Latin 1 so much because it was completely new to me. Translating is like solving a puzzle. I still have my Latin 1 binder, and I’m very excited to be taking AP. Most students don’t like biology, but I really enjoyed the class and my teacher, Mr. Belsky, so much that I requested him to be my advisor.

Groton activities: Assistant features editor of the Circle Voice, our student-run newspaper; member of the Grotones, our all-girls a cappella group. I also attend the Groton Girls Alliance and UNICEF Club meetings.

Most memorable Groton moment: When my dorm, Lincoln’s, performed an amazing, choreographed dance number for the inter-dorm competition, Lip Sync, that happens every year. We worked really hard on it and won–and we were asked to perform again for Revisit Day.

Favorite Dining Hall food: My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and the Dining Hall doesn’t disappoint. I highly recommend the kielbasa. However, this year I’ve gotten more into the delicious muffins (poppyseed or cinnamon are my favorites) with a bowl of cereal or hot oatmeal.

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Spring 2017—the weather was perfect and I went into to Boston. First we walked through Fanueil Hall, then we walked to Chinatown for a delicious lunch. We relaxed on the Boston Common for a while before getting J.P. Lick’s ice cream. I loved this Surprise Holiday because it was so slow and relaxed, but I was still off-campus.