Jed ’20

Hometown (where you currently live): Huntsville, AL

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: There is no air conditioning in dorms. I was not used to this–even though it’s much hotter in the South, we have air conditioning in all our buildings!

Favorite class or classes and why: I enjoy my World and the West history class as well as Chemistry because of their close relationship to and effect on relevant topics that I am likely to encounter outside of the classroom.

Groton activities: Varsity football, thirds basketball, JV tennis, trapshooting, Student Activities Committee, Acolyte Head, Groton Evening Softball League, Jazz Ensemble, Admissions tour guide

Most memorable Groton moment: I accidentally wore my favorite hat into Mr. Lamont’s history classroom on the second floor, and before I knew it, he had taken it off my head. Next, he calmly walked over to the window and threw it out. This was very funny and I remembered never to wear a hat inside his classroom again!

Favorite Dining Hall food: Cheeseburgers and fries

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Last spring, when I went with a few of my friends to walk around Boston for the day, We had a lot of fun looking at sneakers in outlet stores, and we ate at Shake Shack with many members of our form. This holiday was the best because it truly was a surprise to everyone and a great beginning to spring term.