Grace ’21

Hometown: Plymouth, NH

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: I was shocked at the close relationships the students developed with the teachers over such a short period of time. I found out that not only were these bonds fostered in the classroom, but on the athletic fields and in the dorm as well. Having such a strong connection with the adults on campus enhanced my time in the classroom and allowed me to approach my teachers for extra help with ease.

Favorite classes: Ecology with Dr. Black and Algebra 2 Honors with Ms. Leggat are by far my favorite classes. Both are taught by incredibly dedicated teachers whose passion for their topic spreads to their students. I am fascinated by ecology for its relevance in the world today and how the the environmental issues we learn about in class can be seen as soon as you step outside. Ms. Leggat has a rare way of connecting with her students that I’ve never seen anywhere else. She immediately is aware of what you do or don’t understand, and with the help of her teaching I’ve fallen in love with math once again.

Groton activities: Varsity soccer, theater, varsity lacrosse, Groton Feminists, Groton Evening Softball League, Student Activities Committee, chamber choir

Most memorable Groton moment: During my Third Form year, lacrosse season: we had lost too many games by only a few points and the entire team was disheartened, exhausted, and ready for a win. However, we turned things around when playing against BB&N on perhaps one of the more gorgeous days of the entire spring. We were tied 17–17 with one minute left in the second half and had just had an unsuccessful shot on net. Within moments, my teammate Angelina had blocked a pass from the opposing goalie and put in the winning goal with only 30 seconds left on the clock. We won the final draw and the game as a result. I’ll never forget the feeling of utter satisfaction and joy that swept over the team as we all ran to hug our goalie in a celebration of well-deserved success.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Salmon with couscous. Although I love the variety of food provided by our incredible Dining Hall staff, whenever I see salmon is on the menu, I make sure to get to dinner as soon as I can.

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Our last spring Surprise Holiday truly caught everyone by surprise. Absolutely no one expected to have a day off, but we all walked out of Chapel on a Tuesday morning to be greeted by green flags covering the windows of the Schoolhouse. Since it was a cloudy, chilly day, two of my friends and I decided to stay on campus instead of going into Cambridge. We played games, blasted music, had a dance party in the dorm, and competed in basketball against some other friends who had also chosen to stay behind. Although we didn’t leave campus, we managed to have an incredibly fun time with the school all to ourselves. It was a day well spent with friends, relaxation, and a little bit of competition.