Allison ’22

Hometown: Chicago, Shanghai

Groton activities: Circle Voice (student newspaper), orchestra, chamber music, theater, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Maqupellas (a cappella group). Tried out volleyball and lacrosse for the first time on campus!

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: How confusing the Circle is at first, but also the kindness of the people at Groton. From the people who helped me navigate the Schoolhouse during my first few days to the peers and prefects of my Third Form dorm, Groton made settling into a new home much easier.

Favorite classes: It’s too hard to choose! I appreciated my Fourth Form classes allowing me to delve deeper into the subjects I was learning about: drawing resonance structures for molecules I could barely pronounce in Chemistry, delving into characters while performing Macbeth in English, or reading the original French version of the Asterix comics.

Most memorable Groton moment: Saying goodbye to the seniors on my first Prize Day. My emotions when walking down the graduation hug line made me realize the impact of the relationships I had formed—they had become my big brothers and sisters.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Salmon, tempura eggplant, outdoor grilled burgers

Favorite place to study: Cubbies in the library