3 Weeks

I have three weeks left of my three years here at Groton. Prize Day is as far in the future as April 22 is in the past. In a word: soon. I’m excited to graduate and go on long bike rides with my brother this summer, but I’m in no rush to leave behind my friends and teachers.

The flowers have finally bloomed, and bold green leaves are growing quickly in their place. We’ve had some incredible weather lately. Last Tuesday, I had a free period after lunch, and it would have been a crime to stay inside, so I lay out a towel against the brick wall of my dorm and read for class. I had to go upstairs for bug spray, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

Flowers outside the Schoolhouse

This weekend, we seniors got eight hours of self-defense training from an organization called Impact Boston. Over two four-hour sessions, we learned physical and verbal techniques to ward off an attacker. My classmates and I were dreading the large chunk of time, but I ended up enjoying the lessons, and I’ll feel much safer walking in the city. It’s so cool that Groton does this for us.

If you saw my post in February about the boathouse road, here’s an update: it’s suddenly quite green!