I love ice skating. Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with ice skating. I love going to the seasonal public rinks every winter. My birthday is in early March which, although is still cold, just falls out of range of the dates of the rinks, which usually close in February. For my 10th birthday however, I begged my parents for a skating party, and my wish was granted with a party at a year-long rink located very far north of my home in Atlanta. The Ice Center had two rinks, one to rent and one for the public to skate in. This was my very first time seeing the sport of hockey being played.

When I came to Groton, I got to see a lot more skating. I so vividly remember watching the varsity boys hockey game on St. Mark’s Day in Second Form. It was my first time watching a full hockey game and I was entranced. It may sound silly, but I think of hockey like a very intricate, beautiful dance. I was stunned by how fast the boys skated and how the puck got from point A to point B in less than a second. I vowed then that I would try hockey, and I eventually did during my Fourth Form winter. Participating in girls JV Puck was the best decision I’ve ever made at this school, and I readily spew this fact whenever my short hockey career is brought up. I wasn’t a hockey prodigy, but I must say, I think I could have been really good at hockey if I had started as a young child.

This winter I’m doing the musical, Cabaret, and I’ve sorely missed my ice time. The past few weekends have made up for it though. I’ve recently gotten into broomball, also something that I was first exposed to at Groton (along with field hockey, hockey, squash, lacrosse (in big doses), and modifying adjectives with the word “wicked”). If you don’t know, broomball works the same way as hockey except you play on only one-third of the rink, and instead of a hockey stick and skates, you use a wooden stick with a rubber end and your normal street shoes. I first begged my friends Amy and Ali to go with me about three weeks ago, but we just played again this past weekend and it was as fun as ever. Part of the joy is that it truly is for fun. The other people who go to broomball are a large group of Fourth Form boys who spend half the time playfully heckling each other. Although some of these boys are amazing at broomball, I feel no pressure whatsoever to perform, so I truly let go and just have a good time. It’s the perfect end to a long week, and I highly recommend giving it a try if you ever have the opportunity.