The Perks of Being Snowed In

Saturday was the first snowfall (that stuck) of the year. Snow had already hit the South; I had received videos and pictures of my own house from my parents back in Atlanta. However, I have to admit I never yearn for snow. It’s very cold and I dislike the feeling of snow flurries constantly berating me. Winter doesn’t officially start for 11 days, but at 12 pm yesterday Massachusetts was already letting me know what’s in store for the coming season. I was not amused. I didn’t have musical rehearsal so I had planned to fill my afternoon with work and watching the girls varsity squash invitational. However, with the snow, all games except for hockey were canceled. Additionally, I had planned to go on a school trip off campus for dinner, but all off-campus trips for the night were also canceled. I was left without a plan, but out of that lack of a plan came a spontaneity that allowed me to have one of the best Saturdays of the school year.

After classes got out I went to lunch and then back to the dorm, where I hung out with friends for two hours. After a while, I figured that if I wasn’t going to work, I should at least work out.  My roommate, Nikkie, and I went to the Athletic Center together. I was very excited because I’ve been wanting to get into the weight room for a while now, but I didn’t know how to start. Thankfully, Nikkie loves to weight lift, being into CrossFit and also following the training regimen of a varsity hockey player.  After teaching me the proper form for squatting, Nikkie had to leave, but I ended up doing an entire girls hockey workout with two senior girls who are on the team. It was an amazing, empowering feeling. Although, I won’t have many days off of rehearsal this winter, I hope I can keep the weight room in my regular fitness rotation.

After working out, I finally hit the books, albeit only for an hour. Don’t blame me, though–the Dining Hall was serving “Fasian” (Fake Asian) for dinner, which is one of my favorite meals. In Fifth Form it’s harder to catch up with all your friends because everyone is in different places all the time, but at dinner a large group of us crammed into the same table. I ended up staying at the Dining Hall from 5 to 7:30, the entirety of the operating dinner hours, talking and catching up with people. I don’t remember the last time I had such a long, laughter-filled dinner.

Afterwards, before getting ready for Middle School Dance, which I think has the best music out of all of our many themed dances, I caught up with my two friends Marianne and Shirley. Shirley was saying that she was disappointed that she had gotten so little done, work or otherwise, throughout the day. Marianne, ever wise, rebutted her, saying, “No, it’s going to be a long week. You needed that me time.” I realized she was right.

The two-week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always intense. Usually teachers fit an entire unit within the short time frame so the last couple of days before students leave for Christmas break is always filled with major commitments. For that reason, at the start of this weekend I was determined to have an uber-productive Saturday, filled with homework, in order to get ahead on homework for the week. Although, I may not have had the most productive day work-wise, I had one of the most fulfilling Saturdays in a long time. I finally worked out in the weight room, something I’ve been wanting to do all fall term, and I caught up with so many friends. On top of all of that, I ended the day at one of my favorite dances of the year. All in all, it was a great day despite the start of what promises to be a cold, snowy winter.