Chapel Talk

Friday was my chapel talk! I’ve always loved hearing what seniors have to say, and my time finally came. After years of deliberation, I talked about choices, how Groton will make you choose because there isn’t enough time to go to every club, take every class, and pursue every hobby.

After the postlude, friends and faculty line up to hug the chapel speaker. This was my favorite part, since I love hugs! Someone once told me that the day of your chapel talk is better than your birthday, since people you hardly know sprinkle your day with compliments.

Here’s one of the more normal-looking pictures my mom took of me and some friends afterwards.

In other big news, I got into college two days ago! It’s been a crazy week. Things were going really great until I found out that I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday.

I guess something had to kill my vibe.