New Year, New Excitement

I moved into my dorm a couple days early for Sixth Form and peer counselor training. I had been here just over a week, but I felt like I’d never left. My room was all decorated, my classes were set, and I was finally back in the routine that keeps me sane.

I’m doing a writing FSA (faculty-sponsored activity) this fall, which means that instead of a sport or theater, I get to write in the afternoons! It’s so great. I write for an hour and a half some days, and just an hour on the days I exercise. On Wednesday, I went for a run on one of the town trails, and I shattered my four-mile record. The trails are beautiful, and running seems easier since I spend my energy focusing on my footing, not how much distance I have left. I’m excited to put together a solid portfolio of my writing at the end of the term, and I’m excited to keep running outside while it still feels like summer.

And because I can never be too excited, I’m also stoked to watch Pitch Perfect on the Circle tonight. Outdoor movies are my favorite way to spend these fleeting summer-y nights.


Above, the sun setting in my newly-decorated dorm room