Fifth Form Fun

The first week of school is always weird. This week was especially strange for me as a new Fifth Former. I no longer have mandatory study hall! It’s amazing, but also strange not to know where everyone is all the time. The answer to that question, I discovered, is: in the new library. (Tip: do not go there to reach maximum productivity levels.) That aside, I also had to adjust to new teachers and courses. So far my favorite classes are Precalculus, AP Latin, and US History.

I’ve found myself looking forward to all of my classes this year, which I haven’t always been able to say. I think that part of that comes from the fact that as a Fifth Former, my course load actually reflects my interests. This year I dropped Spanish, but kept Latin. I also am taking a history elective, Power and Politics, this fall, which I’m very excited about. The same is true for my friends. When schedules came out over the summer and we were comparing, we found that there was less class overlap than in the past. It’s a very cool, I think, and perhaps an inevitable phenomenon. This is the big year for specialization after all, and I’m finding myself very happy with the choices I’ve made so far.

That being said, I still admittedly live for the weekends and after a long week of classes the weekend finally arrived, along with the first soccer game of the season and also the opening dance of the school year, which is always very fun. Tomorrow is my friend Dashy’s (who is also coincidentally a Zebra Tales blogger) birthday. To celebrate her, yesterday evening a small group of friends met in the CPAC lobby to just sit, laugh, and chat over pizza, wings, and jalapeno poppers. It was a surprise party and Dashy was in fact surprised. I almost ruined it though. I was sprinting to the CPAC right at the minute the party was meant to start, and I turned my head to see Dashy walking up another path with our mutual friend, Julien, who coordinated the party and was leading Dashy to her surprise. Later Julien told us all that as a distraction in that moment he pointed in a wayward direction and yelled, “There’s a snake!” The potential crisis was thankfully averted and the gathering was a huge success. It was a great start to the weekend—surrounded by the people I love most—a little piece of normalcy in this new start of the school year.