Eclipse Road Trip

On August 18, my mom and I headed down to South Carolina to see the total solar eclipse. It took two days to drive down, and we scouted out our viewing spot on Sunday. When Monday afternoon came around, there were a few clouds, so I was nervous—like, more nervous than I am before exams—but the weather cooperated and we saw about two minutes of totality. It was so cool. A couple other families were watching from the same spot, and when the eclipse reached totality, we couldn’t see it through our glasses anymore and we didn’t know what was going on. But there was a collective “ohhhh!” as we removed our glasses, and suddenly there was a white ring glimmering around the moon. It was awesome.

Driving around with my mom was just as much fun as the eclipse itself. We stopped and dropped off glasses at a friend’s house on the way, and then I met a cousin who lives in North Carolina, and we spent two nights at my first grade teacher’s house outside my favorite city, Washington D.C.

I can feel summer winding down—this was the last big thing on my calendar—but I’m not mad. I can’t wait to decorate my dorm with the other prefects and hear my friends’ chapel talks and get senior year rolling.

The eclipse during totality

Driving through Virginia during sunset

Evening-esque lighting during totality