First Night of Home Stay

Last night was the first night of our homestays. We loaded up into a van to head to the separate houses. Luckily, mine was nearby. After saying bye to my fellow Groton students, I proceeded into the unknown. Soon after walking inside a nice building, I found out that there was electricity in the house. I put away my things and met my host’s grandfather.

The man lived in a house a little ways down the hill with his wife. A little later, I found out that the house we had passed on the way down the hill to his house belonged to his second wife. After meeting everyone, it was time to prepare for dinner before it became dark. We went into the woods to a pipe coming from the hill that had water running from it and collected the water in gas cans. After this, we had to get milk.

I never thought of a cow as intimidating before this. The animals are huge, and I don’t think the foot and a half long horns on their heads are for show. There was a funny process built into milking the cow. We tied up the cow’s back legs, and then had a calf come to feed to get its milk flowing. After a bit of time, the calf was removed so that we could now milk the cow. My host made it seem so easy, but when it came my turn to try, I was sure the cow had run out of milk. It hadn’t, but I found that I shouldn’t quit my day job.

After everything was ready, we sat in the living room reading the newspaper until dinner was ready. I forgot to tell them something really important, but it came to haunt me once dinner was served. There were pots of stewed beef and chicken offered to me to choose from, but I couldn’t because I’m a vegetarian. The confused looks followed by many laughs told me that this was not normal. All through dinner, we laughed and talked about how I was a vegetarian. When everyone grew tired and dinner was over, we walked back up the hill to our house to go to sleep. After a long day, sleep was all I needed.

– Atiba

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