Circle Voice

Groton, Massachusetts


J.J. Kim and Elizabeth Salisbury

Editors in Chief


Shangyan Li

Managing Editor for Online Affairs

Schuyler Colloredo-Mansfeld

News Editor


David Howe

Arts Editor


Johnny Lamont and Derek Xiao

Sports Editors


Becca Kimball and Michael Ma

Assistant News and Features Editors


Luna Goodale

Assistant Sports Editor


Allie Banks and Candace Tong-Li

Assistant Photography Editors


Nala Bodden, Kriska Desir, Jenna Hong, Jessica Saunders, Candace Tong-Li, Ethan Woo and Peter Zhang

Copy Editors

Arim Jeon

Opinions Editor


Liam Cashel

Humor Editor


Talia Horvath

Photography Editor


Philippe Heitzmann, Alaric Krapf, and Brittany Zhang

Assistant Opinions Editors


Jae-Hee Lee and Olivia Thompson

Assistant Arts Editor

Cameron Derwin and Michael Gates

Assistant Online Editors


Griffin Dickson

Assistant Humor Editor


Yanni Cho, Varsha Harish, George Klein, Rose Lovey, and Annie McCreery

Staff Writers


Ryan Voon, Cynthia Fang, Michael Gates, and Sowon Lee