Humans of Groton

This fall,  Charlotte Mellgard’s FSA has taken the school by storm by introducing a photography project entitled Humans of Groton. This project is based off of Humans of New York, a photography project run by Brandon Stanton, whose main objective is to provide a glimpse into the unique populace living in New York City. Charlotte’s goal is similar, except that  her project pertains specifically to Groton, as the name suggests. It also  coincides quite pleasantly with Mr. Temba Maqubela’s themes for this school year: inclusion, belonging, and unity.

In Charlotte’s FSA, she includes beautiful and inspiring pictures of the many characters and occurrences here at Groton. Charlotte has always loved photography and has been taking photos since she was a kid.  Last fall, Charlotte did cross-country because she didn’t have a concrete idea of what to do for a photography FSA; she just knew she wanted it to involve the entire community.

“Spotted on Shirley Road” (C. Mellgard ’15)

“Spotted on Shirley Road” (C. Mellgard ’15)

She hopes that her project will connect the Groton community and get people to know different facts about everyone on campus. It always keeps her busy since there isn’t a limit on how many pictures she can take, and she hopes that it will create a broader, more intimate sense of community.

If you’re wondering about  the process she goes through to create  such awe-inspiring photos, it goes like this: after classes, Charlotte either wanders around campus, looking for anything that catches her eye, or she attends scheduled photo-shoots with people she has contacted beforehand. Afterwards, she edits them, and voila, the finished products are uploaded. Check them out at! The most challenging thing about this project, she says, is coming up with questions to ask the people she photographs. The answers to these questions are usually found within the caption of the photo. She doesn’t want to be too repetitive, and while she models some questions like Stanton’s and is completely inspired by his work, she aims to make it much more relatable to students and unique to Groton. After asking Charlotte about her experience conducting this project, she said, “So far it has been very fun for me and hopefully also fun for those involved. The best part is that I get to know people I wouldn’t normally know through photographing them.”

She plans to continue to update the blog for the rest of the year although the pictures might appear less often since Charlotte will be busy with her afternoon activity. She thinks that it is a project that would be really fun to continue, and she says it would be nice to hand off the reins to an aspiring Groton photographer after she graduates.

The best part about the entire thing, she says, is that through photography, she’s been able to communicate and get to know facts about people that she wouldn’t get to know otherwise. She loves how unique and significant photography can be as one of the numerous forms of communication.

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