Athlete of the Issue: Matt Borghi

Matt Borghi

Matt’s teammates have noticed his commitment and dedication to the team and excellence. Max Gomez ’15 said, “He’s a role model every day. He gets the most out of himself on the field, and plays with the most heart and energy out of everyone.” Energy is something Matt knows he brings to the table. “I try to pump up everybody and motivate each member of the team.” With this mindset, Matt enters the final season of his days in the stripes; he is excited about the new football squad this year and looks forward to working hard with every member of the team. “We have a lot of skilled returning players and new players, but football is the ultimate team sport. In order to achieve our expectations, everyone has to perform.”

In the winter Matt plays hockey, and even though he doesn’t consider the sport to be his best, he approaches it with the same positive attitude. Mike Brown ’16 said about Borghi:  “When he gets onto the ice, you just know he’s going to make something happen. He’s an animal on the ice and whether he makes a big hit or something else, he affects the game.”  Matt uses his physicality to his advantage in hockey. As for his spring sport, lacrosse, Matt says: “It is my third sport, but I enjoy going out there each day and having fun with my teammates.” No matter what the season, Matt has the ability to change the game, whether using his physical nature to get big hits, or even just energizing his team by his powerful presence in order to get the best out of each member.

When asked about his favorite sports moments at Groton, Matt talked about the team he started on in fourth form that ended up with a record of  6-2, pulling off a legendary upset win against BBN along the way. “That team played with a ton of heart and pulled for each other every step of the way. Every player was completely invested along the way and expected the best out of himself and his teammates.” Though Matt personally had a tremendous season himself that year, he is the ultimate team player, caring more about the good of the team than his own personal achievements. He epitomizes the classic sports adage, “It’s the name on the front of the jersey that counts, more than the name on the back.”

Matt’s leadership stands out to coaches and players. Mr. Lyons, the head coach of the football team says that Matt “brings incredible consistency and is widely respected by the team. He is a coach’s dream.” On all of his sports teams, whether football, hockey, or lacrosse, Matt provides a voice that can change a team in a second. As Max Gomez eloquently summed up about Matt, “If everyone at Groton approached everything like Matt Borghi approaches football, the school would have no problems.”

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