Day 8&9

We woke up early in the morning as usual and headed to the worksite. With the help of local teachers and students, the road was pretty much done. So we continued on painting the wall. It’s getting really hot in Chengde and it has been so sunny recently. Everyone was sweating but we kept the good work. After several days of hard work, we finished painting all five walls and I was actually pretty impressed by ourselves. The music wall and the sports wall were designed by Mr.Lamont with different colored instruments and all types of sports. The wall symbolizing Zhongyingzi primary school was designed by a local teacher with the school logo and traditional Chinese painting. It came out pretty cool. With the crest in the middle and the Latin motto on the side, theGrotonwall caught the attention of many local students. They were all curious aboutGrotonand asked many questions about the school. The sign wall is on the right of all five walls. We signed our names on the wall and created many beautiful decorations. We left most part of wall blank so that people can keep signing on it during futureChinatrips. We are all pleased and excited that we finished all our work and we are also satisfied to see that the local students all love our art work a lot.


We had another Calligraphy and Paper cutting lesson today. Our teacher showed us the most beautiful paper designs. She had made a dragon and phoenix. She told us that together they symbolized love and that they were traditionally given as wedding gifts. We began with a simpler assignment, a star, but we moved quickly up to a symbol of wedding prosperity and free-style designs. Paper-cutting is an incredibly versatile art that is due to make resurgence in the upcoming years. I can feel it. We were given time to work on a formal assignment. We had to deviate from the traditional forms she showed us and create our own symbols with paper. We produced some inspired pieces, I must say.

The calligraphy lesson was shorter but we continued and made sure to remember writing basics, keeping a straight back, relaxing your shoulders, holding the brush correctly, and applying the right pressure at the right time. Our teachers, so patient and kind, were happy to have us as students, they said. After both our lessons, we took pictures of our work and group photographs. Now, it’s time to choreograph a dance for a performance at our good-bye party. We can’t wait to get dancing.

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