Crew results for April, 27, 2011

Yesterday was a very good day of racing with all Groton girls varsity boats beating St. Mark’s decisively.  The 3:59.6 by the first boat is the second fastest time ever rowed on our course. The results of each race are below:

First four…
Groton 3:59.6
St. Mark’s School  4:08.8

Second four….
Groton 4:08.8
St. Mark’s School  4:27.9

Third four….
Groton 4:17.6
St. Mark’s School  4:33.1

Forth four
Groton 4:19.1
St. Mark’s School 4:30.4

The boys crews bested St. Marks and Middlesex on a windy Lake Quinsigamond on Wednesday. The headwind was strongest for 1st and 2nd boat races.  The results are below:

First Four…

Groton 5:55
Middlesex 5:59
St. Mark’s School 6:13

Second Four…
Groton 5:46
St. Mark’s School 5:53
Middlesex 6:12

Third Four….
Groton 5:36
St. Mark’s School  6:16
Middlesex 6:22
Fourth Four…
Groton 5:37
St. Mark’s School  6:33
Middlesex 6:41

The boys crews travel to Pomfret, CT this Saturday to face Pomfret, Deerfield and Dexter.

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