Zizi ’17

ziziHometown: Weston, Massachusetts

Most surprising when you first arrived: I never expected the amount of fun that living in a dorm would be. You get to know everyone so quickly and so well that within my first few days as a Third Former, I felt like I had known my dormmates forever.

Favorite classes: My top two classes would easily be Third Form Ecology with Dr. Black and World History with Ms. Kayali. Eco was one of the most difficult and challenging classes I’ve ever taken, but it was so much more then just a class. I got so much perspective from the course and got to do so much hands-on science. Plus Dr. Black is such a great teacher. “World” was also super difficult (just the prospect of 2,000 years of history for every country is frightening), but class was so much fun I never minded doing the work.

Groton activities: Young Democrats, Groton Humanism Club, Linguistics Club, Circle Voice (student newspaper), debate team, Diversity and Inclusion, track, ice hockey

Most memorable Groton moment: In the middle of my Fourth Form winter, there was a week when I had a test almost every day and way too much work to do. A combination of the cold, the wind, the work, and the early sunsets had me really down. Then, just when I needed it most, a gigantic blizzard blew in and Groton had its second snow day in history. Growing up in New England, snow days were the highlights of my middle and elementary school days, and waking up to about four feet of snow and no class got me so excited. I went to breakfast in a “onesie,” had a massive snowball fight, and jumped into snow banks taller then I was. It was definitely one of the best days I’ve had on campus.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Favorite Surprise Holiday: In my two years here, I have gotten pretty good at guessing Surprise Holiday dates. Like really good. For all my strategic guessing though, my very first Surprise Holiday came right out of left field. The pure excitement from walking out of the Chapel into a crowd of cheering students was almost overwhelming. A big group of friends and I went into Harvard Square that day and walked around, stopping for some wicked good hot chocolate and great noodles. Surprise Holiday is always a ton of fun, and it’s a definitely close competition, but my first one was the best.