Tristan ’17

IMG_2177-2Hometown: North Caldwell, New Jersey

Most surprising when you first arrived: I was surprised at how many faculty members approached my family in order to help us navigate our beautiful new surroundings—and also just to have a friendly conversation. I was also very surprised upon meeting my roommate and learning that he was seven feet tall.

Favorite class: My favorite class of all time is Sacred Texts with Ms. Wallace. I always had questions about whether or not there was a higher power or deity—which I discussed with my dad—and if so, what he would be like. Before taking this class, I had only ever been able to speculate on this topic, but while taking this class I learned of the different belief systems and philosophies in the world throughout the ages in both a historical and religious context. This allowed me to form my own opinions on my two favorite subjects: history and religion.

Groton activities: Football, hockey, rugby

Most memorable Groton moment: Seeing The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, a musical, in Boston in Third Form

Favorite Dining Hall food: Pulled pork sandwiches

Favorite Surprise Holiday: In Fourth Form spring, when my friends and I wandered about Boston, watched many different street performances, and had a great time with one another.