Trey ’21

Hometown: Palmer, Alaska

Groton activities: Varsity hockey, peer counselor, Fifth Form officer, Color Guard, Debating Society

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Life on a campus—and so far away from home—was an entirely new concept to me, but the way my dorm, Machan’s, immediately felt like a family was very surprising. Each of us was from a different corner of the world, but regardless of who I was talking to, I was always able to find a common thread between us. I guess it really is a small world after all.

Favorite classes: English with Ms. Rennard and World and the West with Mrs. Spring.  The lines between work and fun were blurred, and every class was something I looked forward to—mainly because of the enthusiasm of my teachers and fellow classmates.  Drawing and Painting Workshop, two of my art electives, were also amazing!

Most memorable Groton moment: I love Sprit Week. In my first year here, I competed in three St. Mark’s Days—one in soccer, one in hockey, and another in lacrosse. Each contest was magical in its own way, but I will never forget scoring in front of the student section on winter St. Mark’s Day. The crowd went wild for our team! Students jumped up and down, teachers cheered, and we all celebrated together on the ice!

Favorite Dining Hall food: Philly cheesesteaks and waffle fries

Favorite place to study: During winter term, I enjoy collaborating on projects in the glass-walled study rooms adjacent to the science labs, but in the fall and spring, I love to set a blanket out of the Circle and read my textbooks in the sun.