Rose ’16

roseHometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Most surprising when you first arrived: How everyone was just as nervous and excited as I was! I came expecting to be instantly intimidated by my peers, which I partly was. But in the end we were all just a bunch of eighth graders who were thrilled to be together.

Favorite classes: U.S. History, English, and AP Biology. U.S. History—I usually love history classes, but this class really pushed me into a learning style that I didn’t think would work for me but that ended up teaching me a lot. English—I love reading and debating about books. AP Bio—Even though I don’t think of myself as a classic “hard sciences” student, I loved the challenge of this class.

Groton activities: Admissions prefect, Jewish Student Life prefect, French Club head, field hockey, peer tutor, Kelly’s Dorm prefect, Diversity and Inclusion prefect

Most memorable Groton moment: Winning the lip-sync competition last fall with my dorm

Favorite Dining Hall food: Lemon-poppyseed muffins

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Winter Term of my Fourth Form year, Surprise Holiday came on a super cold, windy day. My roommate and I were feeling too cozy to go into Boston or to the mall for the day, so we decided to stay on campus. We spent the whole day drinking tea and watching movies together; it was the perfect break from classes.