Nailah ’18

IMG_2142-3Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts

Most surprising when you first arrived: That everyone was so well dressed all the time.

Favorite classes: English and Sacred Texts. For English, I always left feeling as if I had discovered a new or buried piece of myself in somebody else. For Sacred Texts, I enjoyed having how I see the world tested and seeing how I fit into the bigger picture.

Groton activities: Basketball, crew, Cultural Alliance, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Most memorable Groton moment: Riding on the back of Coach Brian’s truck (with girls crew boats 3 and 4). I was really squished and surrounded by happy people I really liked doing a new sport, and we sang a bunch of songs from High School Musical and Hannah Montana and the like. Then the coach gave us donuts.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Waffles

Favorite Surprise Holiday: When three friends and I missed the bus to go into Boston, so we borrowed scooters and a penny board and made a ” scoot squad” and scootered to get ice cream and food.