Marianne ’19

IMG_2139-3Hometown: Beijing, China

Most surprising when you first arrived: How pretty the sunsets were

Favorite classes: English and Latin

Groton activities: tennis, cross country, Circle Voice (student newspaper)

Most memorable Groton moment: Last spring, the Sixth Formers decided to make the school beach-themed for senior “skip day.” Many of my teachers canceled classes, so I relaxed on the Circle with my friends. Caught completely by surprise, we soon forgot about the essays and readings we had to do and focused instead on basking in the moment. The fun was amplified with an ice cream truck, an outdoor cookout, and perfect sunny weather.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Soup and bread bowls

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Since a few Second Formers had athletic practices on Surprise Holiday last spring, we weren’t able to catch the bus to Cambridge. Instead of mourning our loss, we decided to go to the Dining Hall. While enjoying milk and cookies, we played cards and talked about everything. It was a really relaxing way to spend the day, and I had a lot of fun.