Lwazi ’20

IMG_2223-3Hometown: Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape in South Africa

Most surprising when you first arrived: When I was entering the school’s gates for the first time, I saw two seniors, who ended up being my dorm prefects, lugging a couch, and one of them was shirtless. Mr. Maqubela gave him a stern talking to because he was not being a good example to the incoming students like me. Reluctantly, he put his shirt back on. Later that day at check-in, I learned that he was shirtless because he had sat on the couch, which had been in storage all summer, not realizing that there were spiders on it. He took off his shirt for fear that some spiders might be on it.

Favorite class: English because I love language and because our Second Form English teacher, Mrs. Maqubela, is amazing.

Groton activities: Trumpet lessons, cross country, squash, and track.

Most memorable Groton moment: When we had a water gun fight inside the dorm on a Saturday night. Needless to say, it did not sit well with the Second Form girls below our dorm or our dorm head.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Burgers and fries

Favorite Surprise Holiday: My first because of the way the prefects announced it: they stood outside the Chapel on Swegways (before they were prohibited) wearing all green and playing “Sandstorm.”