Ella ’17

IMG_2160-3Hometown: Groton, Massachusetts

Most surprising when you first arrived: Because I’ve grown up at Groton as a faculty child, I don’t remember when I first arrived. The most surprising thing when I first started as a student was that I could learn so well in an environment where my teachers were my family friends.

Favorite classes: Spanish and English. I love Spanish because I desperately want to be fluent, and Spanish classes are largely discussion-based, so I’ve gotten close with my teachers and classmates while learning my favorite language. English is discussion-based as well. I love to learn not only about the subjects in school, but also about my classmates and myself, and I have found that English offers this opportunity. I gain perspective and thoughts from the minds of other students.

Groton activities: I run cross country in the fall, often participate in the musical, and have tried different things during the spring, such as crew, a yoga FSA (Faculty-Sponsored Activity), and conditioning. I am also a head of the Spanish Club, a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and the Student Activities Committee, a Global Education prefect, and a Chapel prefect.

Most memorable Groton moment: My first Surprise Holiday announcement in Second Form. I was not expecting it at all, so when I walked out of morning Chapel that day, I was truly and happily surprised at all the throwing of green confetti, shouting, and horn-blowing.

Favorite Dining Hall food: Buttered linguine with beef and sauce. It’s delicious.

Favorite Surprise Holiday: That first one in Second Form because I had never experienced such a spontaneous and fun day off from school before, so I took full advantage of Cambridge. I ate at Wagamama and Pinkberry, and I walked around Cambridge until the moment the bus had to return for campus.