Eliza ’19

IMG_2113-3Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts

Most surprising when you first arrived: I was greatly surprised by the warmth of Mr. and Mrs. Maqubela. They knew all of the new students’ names within the first week, and I had many lunches with Mrs. Maqubela, even though she was not my advisor. They are naturally warm and welcoming people.

Favorite classes: English and biology. I love discussing books and their themes and ideas, and my English class had very interesting discussions every day. I enjoyed my biology class simply because I love learning about all of the interesting facts of life. It was hard, but challenging in a way that makes me love learning. It was very fulfilling.

Groton activities: My main sport is soccer. I made the varsity team as a freshman, which was very exciting. In my other two seasons I play hockey and lacrosse, which were much more laid back but still very fun. I also play the marimba and am a member of the orchestra, as well as part of the GGA (Groton Girls Alliance).

Most memorable Groton moment: The senior prank—a surprise “beach” day. The seniors set up a Slip’N Slide, a volleyball net, a cookout, and an ice cream truck on the Circle, and all of our classes were cancelled. It was amazingly fun and relaxing, and it was a complete surprise. Surprise Holiday had already happened, so we were definitely not expecting another day off.

Favorite Dining Hall food: I love the Indian food. Whenever the menu says Indian food, I get extra excited for dinner.

Favorite Surprise Holiday: My freshman spring, my friends and I went into Harvard Square and got a yummy lunch, went shopping, got pedicures, and went kayaking on the Charles River. It was a fantastic day—one I will never forget.