Christian ’18

christianHometown: Ross, California

Most surprising when you first arrived: How big the dorm rooms are (especially in Upper School)!

Favorite class: I like the discussion-centered nature of English class. It’s interesting to analyze the varying writing styles and hear interpretations from many different personalities.
Groton activities: Musical theater, debate, Circle Voice (student newspaper), Choir, tennis

Most memorable Groton moment: Winter term was long gone, but we were still plagued by snow and unrelenting cold weather. One Thursday, however, the sun was out and all of the snow had melted; it felt like the first real spring day! My friends and I went out on the Circle and threw a Frisbee around for a while. Then, two of us sat in some comfortable chairs on a lawn overlooking the Circle and watched the sun set as he played an instrument that was a hybrid of a banjo and a guitar.

Favorite Dining Hall food: French dip sandwiches

Favorite Surprise Holiday: On my Third Form spring Surprise Holiday, a couple of my friends and I went on a food crawl through Cambridge, trying many of the local restaurants—we had three lunches that day! Stomachs full, we finished the day by visiting a record store.