Awesome Afternoons

One of the best things about attending Groton is being able to attend games and show some school spirit. During fall term, I watched a lot of varsity volleyball games, and I really enjoyed learning about a new sport and … Read More

Life on Upper School Side

The first two weeks back at school have been both chaotic and very exciting. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying all my new classes and teachers, although I have particularly fallen in love with my World and the West class, taught … Read More

A Post-Practice Swim

A few weeks ago, after a particularly hot day, the soccer team convinced our coaches to let us jump in the pool after practice. We ran from the practice field, through the Athletic Center, past the locker room, and outside … Read More

A Thirds Soccer Story

It’s the 48th minute, the 18th of the second half. The game is at Middlesex and the score is 1–0 Groton after a made first half-penalty. The Middlesex boys have turned up the intensity, playing with newfound passion. Our boys, … Read More

A Wonderfully Uncomfortable English Class

As a returning student entering my third year at Groton as a Fifth Former, the nervousness that comes with the newness of Third Form and Fourth Form is almost non-existent. Arriving on this campus I already had an image of … Read More


Wow. My walls are bare, my suitcases are packed, and all of my storage bins are organized and labelled. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by, and it’s stranger to think about all of the interactions and … Read More

Exciting Times

This coming week is an especially great time to be at Groton School. Coming up this weekend we have a date night taxi, a trip to the mall, a theater production, and student performances—all options for ways to have fun … Read More

Bread Season

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! I hope all your aspirations and wishes come true! It is great to be here right now, as it is bread season. What is bread season, you might … Read More

Dorms and Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly guys! I can say with confidence that pretty much everyone loves Christmas, and other than spending it with family, there is no better place to experience the feeling of the season than in dorm … Read More

Spring and a New Sunrise

In light of Matt Efros’ honorable Chapel Talk about second chances, I find it fitting to write an entry on the task of opening up to one another and to ourselves. With the onset of spring, and the reprieve from … Read More