Angus ’16

angusHometown: Hudson, Ohio

Most surprising when you first arrived: I suppose I was most surprised by the conclusion of Roll Call: having heard the time-honored phrase, “Sixth Form may go,” I, a mere Third Former, waited around for several long minutes expecting to be dismissed and nearly missed the start of my first class.

Favorite class: Latin is the best and most useful class offered at Groton, which may seem strange given that Latin is supposed to be a “dead language”: not true! Latin is everywhere and in everything. It’s pretty cool to be able to read the inscriptions on the gates and seals of colleges. Moreover, a startling majority of English words come from Latin roots, and proficiency in Latin grammar improved my English writing considerably. Lastly, our Latin faculty are amazing, truly some of the best people there are.

Groton activities: Choir, jazz band, a cappella, Admission tour guide, baseball, Conservation Corps, downhill skiing

Most memorable Groton moment: Playing soccer on the Circle under the lights with all my best friends last fall

Favorite Dining Hall food: Calzones

Favorite Surprise Holiday: Tough choice: either getting hopelessly lost walking from Faneuil Hall to Berklee College of Music searching for a guitar store, or going with three friends to see The Imitation Game on a blustery, frigid day last winter.