An ’18

IMG_2251Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island, but I was born in Hanoi.

Most surprising when you first arrived: The students’ passion and dedication—in academics, on the sports field, and in their friendships

Favorite classes: I absolutely loved my Ecology class with Dr. Black, probably because I am very interested in environmental science and I enjoyed learning about topics that are important to the world today. Another favorite class is Latin because translating Latin passages is like solving an intricate puzzle.

Groton activities: Groton Community Engagement, Improv Club, Debate Club, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, Birdwatching Group, Math Club, and yearbook

Most memorable Groton moment: When my Sacred Texts teacher taught us about the philosophy of Legalism by teaching the lesson in the style of Legalism. It was one of the most entertaining classes I have ever had!

Favorite Dining Hall food: The delicious bread bowls filled with warm soup, especially on a cold, wintry day

Favorite Surprise Holiday: During winter Surprise Holiday, my roommate and I built a giant blanket-and-pillow fort, made some popcorn, then watched a movie inside our makeshift movie theater.