Wow. My walls are bare, my suitcases are packed, and all of my storage bins are organized and labelled. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by, and it’s stranger to think about all of the interactions and moments throughout the year that have shaped me into who I am right now. During cross country preseason, when I first moved into my room, I had no idea what my first year of Upper School would hold. The imagination and anticipation that filled me when I first entered my room a year ago have now become a concrete set of experiences. 

In many ways, this year has been how I had imagined it would be. More freedom, more responsibility, and harder classes. However, I was surprised by a few things, like how much I would enjoy writing my research paper in World, how spread out the Upper School dorms are, and how large a role my sports and classes would play in determining the people I interact with. 

During the last chapel of the year, it was strange seeing current Fifth Formers in the senior section, and even stranger to sit in the Fifth Form section myself. As Prize Days come and go, and as we slowly but surely make our way through Groton, it feels as if our time on the Circle is so fleeting. Three out of my five years at Groton have already gone by, and from “camp Groton” (Second Form) to Upper School, I’ve been shaped and influenced by so many of my experiences here. I’m really excited for what Fifth and Sixth Forms will hold… But before all of that, I can’t wait to have a fun and relaxing summer.