Right into the Swing of Things

It is remarkable how easily I got into the Groton rhythm again. After two years, it seems perfectly natural to go from summer, with its excess of free time and hot weather, to the hectic school days and autumn chill of Groton fall.

For me, Fifth Form year has been the busiest and most exciting fall term thus far. I quite enjoy the feeling of always being engaged in some activity. Just last week, I spent the entire afternoon and evening going from my after-school activity to dinner to a Groton Community Engagement board meeting to Improv rehearsal and then finally to a Math Club meeting. One can truly never be lacking in things to do at Groton!

I’m finding Fifth Formers have a lot more freedom, which comes hand in hand with more responsibilities. I now have the freedom to be more selective with my courses and focus on science, so now I’m balancing AP Biology, Advanced Physics, and Human Physiology, which is a novel experience for me. The rigor of the science courses, as well as my other courses, definitely keeps me on my toes! Fifth Formers are also increasingly in positions of authority, as club heads and board members. This year, I have resolved to become more engaged in multiple facets of the Groton community, and I’m thrilled to start exploring lots of extracurricular activities! Outside of club activities, I am also splitting my after-school time between the Groton Community Engagement Leominster program, which is a STEM tutoring program for elementary school students in Leominster, and Groton Conservation Corps, which is a group that helps to maintain the trails around campus and protect the area from invasive species. This is my second year doing the Leominster program, which I absolutely adore (I mean, who wouldn’t love working with cute elementary school students?), and my first (and much anticipated) year working with Conservation Corps, which I have always wanted to be a part of.

So I would say that the school year has started on a great note, and I have gotten right into the swing of things!