From MIT to Beijing

As subtle wisps of cool air signal the end of summer, I’m enjoying my last few days in Beijing. I’ve started to reflect on these past months, and all of the amazing experiences that I was fortunate enough to enjoy.

Instead of heading home on a fifteen-hour flight after the exams, I attended a summer camp that was a mere hour away from Groton by car. Hosted at MIT, it was an entrepreneurship program that brought high schoolers from all around the world together. We were guided through the entrepreneurial process, from idea to implementation, by insightful speakers, inspiring mentors, and interactive activities. What struck me most was the importance of creativity and open-mindedness in not only business, but in life in general—great people and businesses make lives better through a constant pursuit of change and innovation. It was inspiring to learn and create alongside so many talented and motivated people, and I definitely grew as a student and a person.

I returned to Beijing for a few days of rest and relaxation, and my friend Becky came to visit the city. It was cool to see a place that I had lived in for ten years through a pair of fresh eyes. We explored all of the touristy Beijing sites—places that I take for granted and don’t normally visit. I live in a city that is so full of historical and cultural significance, and I realized that I haven’t taken enough time to appreciate it.

I’ll be working on incorporating the things I’ve discovered this summer into my first year of Upper School. From my entrepreneurship experience, I’ve learned to keep my mind and heart open, and to always look for new ideas and new ways of solving problems. Reflecting on my Beijing adventures with Becky, I realized that Groton is just as vibrant and colorful as my home city. This year, I want to really use all of the resources offered at Groton and not take anything for granted.

The prospect of school lies ahead, and I’ll soon be back on the Circle for cross country pre-season. While I’ll miss the familiarity and comforts of home, I can’t help looking forward to the steady and unwavering rhythm of the Circle.