Model Congress

A few weekends ago, eleven Groton students attended the Harvard Model Congress conference in Boston. As the nation’s oldest government simulation event, it provided us with a unique opportunity to engage with the government. We assumed the role of real congressmen, senators, and other members of the government, expanding our own perspectives and understanding of the issues at hand in a new, more nuanced way.

With topics ranging from net neutrality to Amtrak privatization, organ donation to an emergency stock market crash in China, we were able to better appreciate the purpose and role of the political process. Unfortunately, I didn’t contribute as much as I wanted to, but I learned a lot from just listening and soaking in the atmosphere. I envied how some delegates could speak effortlessly and eloquently and how some representatives could think of win-win solutions for any issue. What surprised me the most was how everyone was so devoted to making the best decisions for the country.

Throughout the four days, I learned to deal with real-world issues tactfully and thoughtfully. The conference broadened my views and expanded my horizons.