Thanksgiving Break

At 1:00 a.m., a loud hissing noise erupted from the kitchen. Our cookies! My friend Chip and I sprinted to the oven and flung open the door, where a lump of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips lay smoldering on a baking tray. Since we had forgotten to add baking soda, and substituted gluten-free almond spelt flour (the only type we could find) for all-purpose flour, our outcome was actually more successful than we had anticipated.

It was the last night of Thanksgiving break. To make the most of our last few hours with a kitchen that consisted of more than a microwave, Chip and I had decided to attempt baking. As we sat around a table, enjoying our ‘cookies’ with glasses of milk, we talked about all we had done during our break together.

Since I live halfway around the world, spending a few days at home isn’t worth two fourteen-hour plane rides and adjusting to a thirteen-hour time difference. This year, I spent the first half of my Thanksgiving break with my godparents in New York, and the second half with my friend Chip.

In the city, I enjoyed a nice balance of relaxation and touristy activities. I stayed at home for most of the time, but I did watch a Broadway show, attend a mosaic class, and visit a few museums. After a train ride to upstate New York, I arrived at Chip’s house.

Our days were packed with activities that ranged from bookmaking to shopping, playing tennis to watching movies. One of the many things we did was make a very big Christmas-themed poster. Since we were excited to get into the festive mood, we decided that we would put our visual-studies skills to the test by making a poster. We spent more than three hours painting, cutting, and writing, and finally produced a masterpiece. We also spent an entire morning making French toast. Scraping vanilla beans and grating orange rinds, we tried everything to get our recipe perfect. We finally sat down to enjoy the copious helpings of the warm, fluffy toast we had just made.

And as the hour hand crept toward 2:00 a.m., we sipped our glasses of milk, laughing at how much effort we put into our poster, reminiscing about the deliciousness of our French toast, and looking back on all the other beautiful memories we had created.