Sacred Texts

Despite abundant readings and painstaking memorization (that takes up most of my study hall), one of my favorite subjects this year is Sacred Texts. Sacred Texts is essentially a history course, where we learn about the world’s major religious traditions and the cultures that produced them. We’ve covered Hinduism and are currently on Buddhism, and we’ll be studying Chinese philosophy to finish our unit on traditions of the East. We will then move on to Western religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which I’m very excited to start learning about.

Religion has never played a significant role in my life, yet learning about different faiths and the cultures that nurtured them has unraveled profound concepts and ideas that I’ve never before wondered about. I’ve found that religion is often a reflection of society, and that a culture also often emphasizes qualities that stem from religion; it’s always fun finding evidence of this throughout our texts.

One of my favorite aspects of this class is discussing our different views and opinions on a certain question or idea. Our class discussions are always very lively and inspiring, as almost everyone has something to say. Whether it be about a question on the different branches of Buddhism or an opinion on the Hindu caste system, discussions always bring out so many different perspectives and viewpoints. I think the beauty of class interactions is that we truly get to enrich our own understanding with everyone else’s knowledge.

Hopefully, Sacred Texts will continue to be as enlightening and insightful throughout the year.