Surprise Holiday

As fall term is drawing to a close, the date of Surprise Holiday has become a very common topic of discussion. Although none of my friends are certain when the sacred day will fall, it’s always fun trying to figure out potential dates. Wednesdays and Saturdays are eliminated from our list because of varsity and JV games. St. Mark’s Week and exams week are also not options. Surprise Holiday has rarely fallen on a Monday because Sundays are relatively activity-free, and it feels like a waste to place it after a day where we’ve already had the chance to relax.

My first ever Surprise Holiday last year, however, was an exception, as it was the Monday right after Parents Weekend. I remember piling into the Schoolroom after chapel, dreading the Latin test I was going to take the next period, only to find our senior prefects decked out in green jackets and boxes of Sprinkles cupcakes piled on the tables. Needless to say, it was one of the highlights of my fall term. I spent the day in Cambridge with my friends—we walked around the city (often finding ourselves helplessly lost), wandered into stores, and chatted about our first impressions of school and dorm life.

After a day of complete leisure, I felt refreshed, and was even ready to tackle my Latin test. This year, I’m hoping that fall Surprise Holiday will turn out to be just as exciting and relaxing. Mr. Creamer, my math teacher, has prophesied that it will be either November 3 or November 6, so I’m definitely looking forward to those days.