Dining Hall Moments

From milk and cookies at conference to sit-down meals, from the Dining Hall to the Health Center, food is everywhere at Groton. For me, actually eating food doesn’t matter as much as the people, conversations, and places that food evokes. Some of my favorite moments at Groton have been at the Dining Hall, whether a simple conversation at dinner or a prolonged Sunday brunch.

A few days ago, I took advantage of my free plus-thirty periods before and after noon to enjoy a long lunch at the Dining Hall. Stomachs finally appeased with copious amounts of tender pork ribs and warm corn bread, we stared contemplatively at the piles of empty plates at our table. A comfortable drowsy silence hovered about us. Eventually, Mrs. Maqubela joined us at the table with her ever-upbeat attitude and gregariousness. The air was filled with the buzz of conversation, peppered with occasional bursts of laughter.

Although I don’t remember what we talked about that day, I can always conjure the feeling of warmth and togetherness that filled that little corner of the Dining Hall.