Settling In

Settling into the Groton routine has been both hectic and exciting. I spent the first few days here getting over jet lag, unpacking, and decorating my room. Getting to know everyone was pretty daunting—since there were only twenty people in Second Form, a grade of eighty students is an adjustment.

My roommate Alexandra and I get along really well. I instantly connected with her upbeat attitude and approachability. She’s from California, but lived and attended an international school in Singapore for two years before coming to Groton. Soccer is her favorite sport, and her hobbies include traveling, listening to classical music (Vivaldi is a favorite), and spending time with family and friends.

The beginning of this school year has swept me into a whirlwind of new things: new classes, new teachers, and a new Schoolhouse. I love the airiness and brightness of the renovated building, and the hint of traditional architecture scattered throughout the modern design. The only drawbacks are winding corridors and confusing staircases, which make getting to class on time a challenge. Despite this, I really enjoyed the first week of school, and can’t wait to see how the year unfolds!