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Farewell to Bishops

Our last day at Bishop’s is coming to its end.  We had a late start to today, and didn’t arrive at the school until lunchtime.  I, along with Hope and a couple of other people, decided to walk to the … Continue reading

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Return from Homestay and . . . Prom!

Yesterday after lunch our group split up to either take a walk in the nearby hills or drive into town to print pictures and buy chocolate bars. When we arrived back at Bishop’s High School, a handful of us played … Continue reading

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Homestays Continue

Day 3 at the Homestay. We went on a walk with the homestay hosts yesterday afternoon while the service for the Bishop continued until 6 PM. Though the sights in the walk were good, talking with the hosts up the … Continue reading

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From all of us here in Rukungiri…

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Groton Grattitude from 0 Lattitude

Today we hit the road early from Kampala to begin our journey to Rukingiri. Getting out of the city took about an hour and a half, due to its notorious traffic jams, but once we got on the main highway … Continue reading

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Days in Kampala

Our first day in Uganda was a relaxing one, spent riding around part of Kampala and then visiting a large hotel complex for some exercise and an afternoon by the pool. We’re already becoming familiar with Ugandan food and polite, … Continue reading

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Pre- Departure Thoughts from Groton

Hello all! It was a fantastic few days prepping and getting ready for departure, and we are thrilled to finally be on the road. Everyone participated in workshops over the past few days preparing us not only for Uganda, but … Continue reading

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