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Road Day

We spent a long day on the road today, taking in some beautiful scenery on our way back to Kampala. After a late dinner at a restaurant with a varied, American-style menu, we are now settled into a comfortable hotel … Continue reading

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Game Day

Last adventurous day. We all woke up around 5:30 and headed out for a safari game drive. About one hour into the drive, we saw our first lioness and we were lucky enough to see her catch a baby antelope. … Continue reading

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Rain Forest and Savannah

This morning we got off to a bright and early start to go chimp tracking. After saying goodbye to Rukungiri at 6:00 AM, we drove about two hours northwest and began tracking in the rain forest by 8:30. We got … Continue reading

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Last Full School Day

Today was our final regular school day at Bishop’s, as tomorrow will be our departure ceremony before leaving Rukungiri. We started our day off with breakfast at 7:15. Richie, Halle, Annie, and Hope left Jim’s place at 7:30 for a … Continue reading

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Thank-You Dinner

We have officially begun the last week of the trip!  It’s amazing how fast the time has been going by; it feels like just a few days ago that I hopped off the plane in Entebbe, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Today … Continue reading

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Bishop at Bishop’s

The Bishop has arrived! This morning the local Bishop visited the school, an event which has been much anticipated by students and teachers. The students conducted a typical morning assembly which consists of flag raising, marching, singing, and praying. After … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Bishop

We (adults) met the Groton eight back at school this morning, to first hear about the first night of their homestays and then put in another full school day of painting walls, reading to and with students and teaching computer … Continue reading

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From School to Home

This was another full school day, during which we continued teaching S3 (11th grade) students the basics of how to use a computer. Then our students took turns helping to paint an office at Bishop’s High School and reading with … Continue reading

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First Day At Bishop’s

Today was our first full day at Bishop’s High School. It was fun, but by far the busiest and longest day we’ve had in Uganda. We began with a 45 minute assembly which consisted of singing, dancing, and praying. During … Continue reading

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Meeting the Families

Many of us had an early start to the morning as Annie, Julien, the Prockops and I woke up for cow milking at 6 am. Although the sound of my alarm was startling at 5:45 am, the adventure that would … Continue reading

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Mzungus on a Mountain

Today was a very eventful, fun-filled day. Halle and I woke up at 7:00 and went on a jog with Hope and Ms. Giles. After breakfast, we all ventured into town where we explored the shops and had lunch. Later, … Continue reading

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Mzungus in the Midst

16th June 2017 Today was our first day at Bishop’s High School, after having arrived near Rukungiri yesterday evening. This morning we headed off to Bishop’s at 10:30 on a twenty-minutes’ drive on orange, dusty, and bumpy roads. Once we arrived … Continue reading

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