Groton Grattitude from 0 Lattitude

Today we hit the road early from Kampala to begin our journey to Rukingiri. Getting out of the city took about an hour and a half, due to its notorious traffic jams, but once we got on the main highway it went quickly. The road we were on is the main road that connects Kampala to Rwanda and Tanzania, and as such, it is one of the best maintained roads in the country!

Our first stop today was at the Equator, where we all had the chance to get out, stretch our legs, practice our bartering skills at the vendors (Andrew was the clear winner), and of course, have the opportunity to stand with one foot in each hemisphere. We learned from Mr. Prockop about the Coriolis effect, and of course took advantage of  a photo op.

After that we got back on the bus, stopped for lunch a few hours later in Mbarara, before continuing on to our destination in Rukingiri. We are now fully settled in at the house, having enjoyed a lovely meal and some time to relax after a big day of travel. We got to see part of the village on the drive in today, but everyone is really looking forward to meeting the students and different members of the community tomorrow.

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