Driving Back to Kampala

Monday, July 9th

Today was a travel day for our group as we left the safari grounds for Kampala. We had a later start than usual today, waking up at 9:30. After a delicious breakfast we said goodbye to three members of our group:  Mr. Reed, Ms. Irwin, and Michael. Most of our group will at least see Mr. Reed next year at Groton but for Christina and me there is no time table for when we will reunite with those left behind so our goodbyes were lengthier. Afterwards, we set out on a nine hour drive. We drove for intervals between a half-hour to two hours, but by the fourth stop, the group needed a break. Thankfully it was lunchtime. We ate at a buffet and towards the end looked around a ceramic shop. I bought a Ugandan bracelet for my brother. We once again continued our journey, falling into a constant rhythm between sleep and reading. Before I knew it the trip drew to a close and we arrived at the Minister’s Village Hotel. The journey was long but somehow we made it in time for a late dinner.

–          Peter

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