Last Work at Bishop’s High School

So ends our second to last day at the school. Today was our second to last day at the school and also our last day actually working. We woke up bright and early, ready to finish what we had started when we got some bad news. Jacob was feeling sick; he had been throwing up during the night. So, we had to leave him behind at Jim’s house while we set off for school. He is feeling better now, if looking just a bit greenish. In fact, he is sitting next to me right now, drinking a 7UP.

School was great as always. We got started on the exterior wall of the school office and finished just before morning tea. It was a mad dash throughout the day as we started painting another classroom and prepared to present the stoves to the parents. We worked straight into lunch, finishing everything except for the bottom edge of the school office, which we needed to paint maroon.

After lunch we split the group; Atiba, Ycar, and I stayed at the school to help with the stove presentation. Christina, Peter and Malik went to Casa Rosa Primary School to meet and play with the children there. Feeling a bit abandoned, we got to work getting the stoves ready for the parents.

The presentation took place just after three. The rocket stove that we had made out of brick worked very well and impressed all the parents. They noticed how quickly it boiled water and how little smoke it produced. They were very enthusiastic about building their own at home. The other rocket stove, the one we bought at the university, did not work very well at all however. We could not get the wood to burn, no matter what we tried.  The kindling would burn and then there would just be smoke. The wood refused to burn, despite being bone dry. I’m afraid that we did not advertise that rocket stove very well. They asked why it was so hard to start and why it was producing just as much smoke as a regular fire. All in all, the presentation went very well. Everyone was very excited by the brick rocket stove and wanted to build their own.

After the presentation we got back to work with hardly a break. We painted the maroon border on the school office. As soon as we finished we got on the van and started back to Jim’s house. I thought we might get the van to ourselves but then we picked up ten different people along the way. We passed Christina and Peter on a run on our way back to Jim’s. Peter was looking pretty haggard.

Those are the events for today. We are looking eagerly towards tomorrow, when we will go to school to say goodbye to Bishop’s High School and our home stay hosts.

Peace out,

–          Eddie

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