Painting and Frisbee

On today’s episode of Uganda, our heroes and their sidekick ventured to Bishop’s High School to finish painting the rooms that they had started on previously. On the trip there, one of the heroes, Peter, risked our lives when a bee flew into the van and he, with his magical book of justice, swatted and defeated the menace. Once we arrived, we waited until the students started class so that we would not distract them while we painted the classroom next door. Even with that precaution, we were visited by students (who hopefully had a free period when they joined) and with their help we finished painting the first classroom.

While we waited for the second room to open up, Christina and Ycar (I’m talking in the third person) thought it would be a great idea to use the lid of one of the buckets of paint as a Frisbee (actually it was Christina’s idea, I just tagged along). While tossing the makeshift Frisbee, one teacher walked up to us and said that the school actually had several objects that looked similar to the lid, but they never knew what it was for so they never used it. The teacher rummaged through the athletic equipment and found several actual Frisbees. We all (including Mr. Prockop) tossed the Frisbees around and soon enough we had a crowd. It was kind of difficult at first to teach people how to throw a Frisbee but they learned quickly and were playing with each other shortly afterwards.

Then after lunch we were back inside painting the second classroom. It started off as just the five of us (Mr. Prockop was preparing for the stove presentation and Eddie and Atiba were sick) and before long it grew. First one teacher came to help us and after Jacob, Christina, and Ycar (still third person) went to assist Mr. Prockop with the presentation, an entire army of students came to help Peter and Malik with the rest of the second room. They finished quickly because of the large numbers and in the end Malik and Peter just had to direct the student-painters.

Meanwhile the remaining five Grotonians began the demonstration. The presentation went well for the most part, but the fire in the the stone rocket stove (one of three different stoves we were comparing) went out halfway through. Tomorrow we’ll do a test run of that stove just to make sure that it stays lit the entire time. After the presentation everyone reunited to clean the brushes and the tub and while we were doing so Amos came along. Amos is the brother of the father of Christina’s homestay hostess and though he seemed fine at first, we realized quickly that he was, to put it kindly, under the influence, but he was really helpful nevertheless.

Today we finished a little earlier than usual and headed out a tad bit early, with a Frisbee of course. Back at Jim’s we played a little Frisbee, talked a little, fought a little and that was pretty much the end of the day.

(P.S. Eddie and Atiba are doing fine now and most likely will be joining us tomorrow.)

– Ycar

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