Painting Day at Bishop’s

We will be going on a field trip tomorrow so today was our last day at school this week. We took full advantage of the time we had to make a great deal of progress on some labor-intensive projects around the school. In other words, this was a long day of work which the Groton students did with care and good cheer.

Malik, Ycar and Eddie got back to work painting the main gate to the school while Christina and Atiba worked with two Bishop’s students, Sunday and Nicholas, on the laborious task of producing high quality, inspirational signs for the campus. At the same time, Jacob and Peter began the project which Headmaster Kham is most eager for, painting classrooms. By the end of a very full day, the gate and signs were done and done well. As the students completed those projects they joined the others who were painting classrooms. With Peter’s relentless work and the contributions of more and more hands, a great deal of progress was made. Having thought the Bishop’s students would be in class all day, we had only gotten enough painting supplies for our crew so we were able to invite only one eager girl to join the painting when a number of Bishop’s students began filling the rooms where Groton students were working. We will try to have more brushes and buckets on hand when we get back to painting next week.

In the meantime, everyone headed off with their hosts to walk home on an absolutely beautiful, sunny afternoon. We will meet back at school in the morning to go, along with 14 Bishop’s students, to learn about the fishing industry on Lake Edward. It may be an early morning for some of the Groton students since we are scheduled to leave from school at 7:00 . . . or 7:30 . . . or sometime around 8:00. Welcome to Uganda!

– D. Prockop


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