Working at Bishop’s Secondary School

The Sun was shining as the Groton students walked to school with their hosts for the first time and spent this morning exchanging stories of their home stays as they painted a wooden gate and worked with two Bishop’s students to make wooden signs containing inspirational slogans, which are to be placed around the school. Everyone seemed to have had really good experiences stepping into the lives of their Ugandan host families and they had plenty of stories and observations to share, many of them about their hosts’ excessive hospitality. The only down side to the morning was that Jacob’s stomach wasn’t feeling well so he spent the morning sleeping back at the nearby hotel. By the afternoon he was feeling much better and by the end of school (at 4:50 – they put in a long day here!) he insisted that he wanted to go back to his host home tonight rather than staying in the hotel.

This afternoon a group of our students built a high-efficiency wood stove out of bricks and clay we’d purchased yesterday. In a few days, once the clay has dried, we’ll begin testing the stove’s performance and discussing its attributes with the Bishop’s community.

After school, everyone walked happily off to enjoy the views on the way to a second night (of five) with their host families, in homes that are quickly becoming familiar and comfortable.

– D. Prockop

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