Tuesday at Bishop’s

We had another packed day at school, but it’s getting late now so this blogger will keep his summary short and to the point.

This morning our students did a great job providing reading help to groups of Bishop’s students in two English classes, one of which had 30 students in it and the other had a whopping 90. The Ugandans are generally very shy but were quick to warm to our students in small groups. In the attached pictures, you’ll even see curious students from other classes peering eagerly in the windows. The engagement in this exercise was so good that we hope to create more opportunities for our students to read with their hosts, taking advantage of the books we brought along to donate to the school.

This was a special afternoon at Bishop’s since classes were cancelled for athletic competition between the primary schoolers and the Senior 1 grade, which is comparable to our eighth grade but includes students of a wide range of ages. After watching a game of netball, the Groton students were split between the sides and held their own in a full-length, full (but sloped) field soccer game. The sidelines were packed with other students as well as some parents and locals, the size of the crowd adding a great deal to the spectacle.

At the end of the school day our students headed off for the first night of their home stays. We had dropped some supplies at the host homes yesterday and when we went back with the students today, the host families had set up bedrooms in eager anticipation of their guests’ arrival. We feel confident that our students will be well cared for by their warm, hospitable hosts. I’m sure there will be more about the home stays on tomorrow’s blog once our students and their hosts have walked anywhere from a quarter mile (Ycar is the closest) to a mile and a half (Peter and Eddie are further away and there are some good hills along the way) to school.

Until then,

D. Prockop

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